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Only dead fish go with the flow.

Well, I'm a Northern Irish lass called Hannah, and I'm currently 17. I'm a student, and right now I'm waiting to see if I'll get accepted into university to study Psychology. I'm a bit of a TV watching/ book reading head case, but I suppose some people are simply not destined to experience normality! :) I'm also ginger, which I use as my excuse for most of my wacky behaviour!

Loves: Good music, signing badly, dogs (but not those wee fat ugly ones that you always end up tripping over!), strong coffee, sports, a good long book, drumming, talking to my imaginary friends, hiking, funky scarves, CSI (all three! :)), Criminal Minds, Spooks, my lappertopper, shoes, parties.

Hates: Burnt toast, liars, bad grammer, Big Brother, maths, bad music, early mornings (maybe I should just make that mornings in general!), being shouted at, wool, orange flavour chocolate.

(user pic made by lady_meander! Thanks!)